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St Thomas of Canterbury School consistently goes ‘the extra mile’ in music and our music education offered is of the highest quality as we believe that music education is a path to life-long learning and knowledge of self and culture and supports healthy social development.

Our music curriculum is specifically tailored to the wants and needs of our children and our school community and we promote the personal development of all our pupils, so that they have access to a rich set of experiences in a coherently planned way.

Instrumental learning and opportunities to sing are regularly part of these rich experiences for every child, and underpins learning in the context of the music curriculum. We sustain an inspiring music curriculum; our pupils experience and learn different types of music and are given opportunities to be expressive and creative.

They listen to, perform and compose music, growing in confidence and control. We have a culture of singing and playing and opportunities are afforded to all children to build their confidence and their skill-sets. All our children know St Thomas of Canterbury's school song and they are proud to sing it at any given opportunity.

Every child, including those in EYFS, is exposed to musical instruments and musical knowledge - even Nursery children have the chance to learn the basics of rhythm on the steel pans; aiding in their ability to read letters, sequence numbers and practise hand-eye-coordination. Formal lessons across the school allow all children from Year 2 and above to be entered in ‘The London School of Music’ exams - all children received distinctions in the relevant exams in 2019. These lessons also allow the children to experience music theory as well as to learn about music's relevance and history.

We offer our children opportunities to show off their musical talents in concerts both in and out of school (and even weekends) and it has been clear to us that the work the children put into their music is reflected in their confidence and enjoyment of our music programme.

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