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We possess a variety of IT resources, including iPads and Laptops. Additionally, the KS1 classes also have access to desktop computers located inside the classroom. All classrooms are also fitted with interactive whiteboards and have access to high speed broadband, which is protected by a series of strong filters that are designed to prevent access to inappropriate materials and websites. These digital resources readily allow teachers to demonstrate activities, across all subject areas, to the whole class and also harness the power of the web to support teaching. Alongside the IT infrastructure teachers also have access to a range of software and hardware that support the teaching of Computer Science. Examples of these include Purple Mash and Switched On Computing. These resources are key to providing children with the necessary skills to achieve the targets required under the new National Curriculum.


Understanding how technology is used and operates is fast becoming a crucial aspect of life in the modern world and this has been reflected in changes made to IT in the National Curriculum. Consequently, children will now be working on tasks linked to Computer Science, multimedia and digital safety which will allow them to gain the fundamental understanding of digital literacy to allow them to fulfil their future potential.